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Business Chinese primary level: (Note: BCT1-2 level)
This course is designed for beginners learning.
Introduction to business Chinese (basic etiquette articles) for beginners, to train the necessary business and everyday courtesy communicative language skills. Introduction to business Chinese (daily communication) for beginners, basic training in practical business situations.

Business Chinese Ⅰ
For beginners students. Learning the alphabet, about 300 basic words and 70 sentences.  This course includes more than 1000 sentences, can let you in daily communication with some simple Chinese: greetings, introduction, nationality, digital, ask questions, take a taxi, traffic, time, date, time, shopping, bargaining, money, ordering, billing, phone calls, appointments and so on. These scenarios are used to expand the social common language.

Business Chinese Ⅱ--- Business Chinese Ⅲ
These courses focus on students who can communicate in business dialogue. Business Chinese Ⅱ: Students need to master 300 basic words, 70 sentences. Business Chinese Ⅲ: Learn 900 basic words, 150 sentences. This course includes 2000 common sentences so that you use in everyday communication.

Business Chinese intermediate level: (Note: BCT3-4 level)
Business Chinese improve (article, entertainment, business office article) for students who have already mastered a little simple Chinese knowledge trains business information and communication skills. In this stage, students can read some Chinese characters and you can learn 1000 words. This course focuses on reading and some Chinese culture. Students can freely express their ideas.

Intermediate Business Chinese Ⅰ
The stage has 20 chapters, focusing on reading comprehension. Each chapter has two texts. The first one focuses on intensive reading and some grammatical sentences, the other a cultural emphasis on knowledge. This lesson has about 1,270 words and 38 grammatical sentences. We also designed a number of exercises to help participants better understand more vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing so that we can improve skills.

Intermediate Business Chinese Ⅱ-Intermediate Business ChineseⅢ
These courses focus on students who have mastered for 2500 words and still hope to improve. You will have more opportunities to practice speaking and writing, our aim is to help you learn social interaction skills. You can get a lot of education, career, marriage, family, economic, legal, moral, cultural, transportation, health, and environment and so on. This course is very practical, after learning that you can freely communicate with Chinese people.

Business Chinese senior level: (Note: BCT5-6 level)
Managers Chinese (business upper and lower), the most important is business Chinese in daily business communication, then business Chinese in social and economic life.
Managers Chinese (trade papers), the purpose of this stage is to make students able to master the Chinese language as their mother tongue.
Students can learn advanced vocabulary and grammar, speaking and writing skills can be improved. After completion of this course, students may communicate with others freely in formally or informally occasion, but also can read Chinese newspapers.
Students can understand TV news and Chinese movies, Chinese can also be used to write. Students can get more information, such as: political, economic and cultural, as well as to know more about Chinese people's life, work, family and other circumstances.

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