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Youth entry-level, primary, intermediate

Curriculum: Children's life oral, children's listening, children's reading, children's writing
Age to Youth Chinese courses: 8-15 years old children

Brief introduction of Youth Chinese children series course:
According to the cognitive characteristics of children, to cultivate the students' conversational ability through various scene teaching focus, increase the content of communicative practice, the use of pictures, icons and other physical means of information-rich materials, increase communication real sense, reflect the true, vivid, lively features; appropriate to introduce some characters while teaching. Through the study of the course, students can master more than 2,000 words and over 1,500 Chinese characters, to be more fluent in Chinese daily conversation, reading essays, and understand some Chinese traditional culture and customs.

With textbook: Children’s Chinese, Chinese Express, Chinese taste and so on.

Youth entry-level, primary, intermediate

For young people aged 15 -18 years old.

The textbook start with zero point, end point is near intermediate Chinese level, content arrangement to natural, interesting, consistent with the second rules of language learning. The appearance grammar points is based on the need of expression function, and use the topic as a clue to orchestrate language materials, thereby drive the communicative ability.

Textbook topic is carefully selected more than 500 investigations on the middle school students in North America. Without losing systematic basis, showing significant functionality; without loss of scientific, showing obvious practicality; without losing the basis of seriousness, showing obvious interest.

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